Frequently asked questions

What are the payment methods?

Payment for real estate in Cyprus can be made in cash or by bank transfer. It can be purchased using the credit provided by the developer of a particular project.

What documents are required to purchase real estate in Cyprus?

The only document required is your passport or ID card. We will help you throughout the buying/selling process.

How many real estate objects can I purchase?

The number of real estate objects is not limited.

What languages are spoken in Northern Cyprus?

You will have no trouble communicating with people in Northern Cyprus in English or Russian.

Why invest in Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus still has attractive and low real estate prices. The service you will receive after investing in real estate projects is of very high quality. Real estate prices are rising, meaning that the value of your investment will increase as well. And, of course, an attractive property rental option. To learn more, contact us at +370 657 43003.

How to rent real estate?

Each developed project has an administrating company. It will take care of the property you purchase and maintain it.

How long does a flight to Cyprus take?

The flight from Lithuania to Cyprus takes three hours.

Which side of the road do Cypriots drive on?

Traffic is on the left side of the road.